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Last Update:2007-09-07 - Minor Update: Bugs fixed
Requirements:Adobe Flash player 8 or higher
Category:Web Development::Wizards & Components


The kit of modules to create and manage interactive virtual tours on web sites.


1. Build complex virtual tour with your favorite HTML and CSS tools only within typical web design workflow.

2. There are no restrictions for layout, structure, and visual style of a virtual tour. Modules have no fixed make-up, size, or position, so you can organically build them into any web page and create any visual style with CSS.

3.  You don't need sophisticated HTML or scripting. All functionality and interaction mechanism are completely encapsulated in modules.


1. Manage content of your virtual tour online in-place. Modules have embedded content management system. Its server-side part is open, so you can freely adapt it.

2. Edit your virtual tour without changing HTML code. All content and preferences are described in XML files with simple, readable, and editable format.

3. Rebuild your virtual tour, remove, or add new modules without changing existing content. New and upgraded modules are free for download.


1. Panoramas and maps can contain hotspots with different actions performed by click. You can attach any image or Flash file as hotspots, assign actions, "bubble tips" and visual effects for each hotspot separately.

2. Compensatory distortion for cylindrical panoramas allows displaying correct panoramic view. You can tune it visually and interactively.

3. Panoramic module can be used as slide-show and display usual non-panoramic images (just consider them as narrow-angled panoramas). Hotspots are still fully available in this mode.

4. Map module can display dynamic field of vision related to current view in panoramic module.


Interaction with JavaScript gives more customizing possibilities for advanced developers. You can start some modules actions via simple JavaScript calls (for example, with use of standard UI controls) and receive calls from any module when some event occurred in it.

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