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Last Update:2006-07-25 - Major Update: ASP DidYouMean - The search query spell checker. UPDATES: ASP Did You Mean is now a COM Server Object with a windows installer. It supports over 10 Languages. You may also build custom dictionaries & link to a database. Now supports PHP as well as ASP.
Requirements:Miscrosoft Web Server
Limitations:30 Trial
Category:Web Development::Wizards & Components
Language:English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish


ASP Did You Mean - The search query spell checker

ASP Did You Mean is a COM ActiveX Server Component  for providing accurate spelling suggestions for search strings.  

Its works the "Did You Mean" spelling corrections feature seen on Google , Yahoo and EBay.

ASP Did You Mean will work for small websites & intranets as well as major public search engines. It supports over 10 Languages.  You may also build custom dictionaries, or attach the component to your database.

The component is compatible with Microsoft ASP and PHP.


ASP Did You Mean has dictionaries for the following languages:

Australian English,

Canadian English,

International English,

British English,

American English,









Custom (from a text file or database)

Easy to Implement :

ASP Did You Mean has a streamlined API allowing implementation in under an hour. It features a windows installer / un-installer and full HTML manual.

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