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Last Update:2014-09-25 - Major Update: New automatic registration engine; New automatic comments posting engine; Added real-time submission verification module; Added support for,,,,; Improved automatic installer; Improved Automatic Update feature; Many more updates;
Requirements:500 MHz CPU, 64 MB RAM
Limitations:No limitations
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YouTube Comments Poster is the first and only solution for people who have no marketing experience; the software helps them to quickly transform 20+ world's largest video hosting sites into sources of virtually unlimited revenues in their spare time with minimum efforts.

Our automatic YouTube poster supports an unlimited number of marketing campaigns; and all campaigns can share the same settings or work independently of each other and have their own unlimited sets of user profiles, keywords, comment messages, and proxy servers to effectively target multiple audiences with different needs. Besides that, our automatic YouTube commenter comes with a real-time search module, three different posting engines, and a submissions scanner and offers 100% automation with no user input required.

Our YouTube auto commenter can be used to dramatically increase the popularity of your own videos, reach thousands of potential buyers by submitting your affiliate links under targeted videos, "kill" competitors with tons of negative reviews on their products or services, and more - its possibilities are endless.

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