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Last Update:2018-04-20 - New Release: - Improved user interface and usability in "View" section.
- Added ability to download and install additional dictionaries.
- Improved private dictionary viewing and editing.
- Added "Last Modification", "Change Frequency" and "Page Priority" parameters to site map generator.
- Minor bug fixes.
Requirements:A computer running under Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and connected to the Internet.
Limitations:30 Trial
Category:Web Development::Site Administration
Language:English, German, Russian


WebTweakTools Bundle is a collection of web site management tools bundled in one program. It includes web site link checker, html checker, spell checker and site inspector. All these tools are built in to a single application so that you can run it against your web site and get results from all tools at one crawl. You can run all tools or any combination of them simultaneously, which makes this product a complete equivalent to any of the bundled tools at better price.

Link Checker is used for searching sites for broken links. If it finds a broken link, it shows its position in the document and the cause why it does not work.

HTML Checker is used for searching sites for HTML5 and CSS errors. If it finds an error, it shows its position in the document and the reason of the error.

Spell Checker is used for searching sites for spelling errors. If it finds a misspelled word, it shows its position in the document.

Site Inspector is used for crawling website and inspecting SEO elements. In addition to collecting onsite SEO elements for each page, it can create site map and count words on pages.

To achieve highest performance WebTweakTools Bundle uses a unique multi-threaded algorithm, which allows checking several pages at a time. This algorithm minimizes checking time and scanning a large site becomes faster.

When the scanning process is complete, you can view scanning results and generate reports. In the viewer window you can explore all found broken links, markup errors, misspelled words and SEO elements and view detailed information on each one. You can generate a variety of report types, including html, xml, Excel and text formats.

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