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The Meta Tag Grabber is a unique tool devised to harvest meta tags from Web pages to be used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Website promotion. It works on the given URLs and extracts data, such as Title, description, keywords from them. It even extracts meta tags that are present in the link on that web page. This justifies its multitasking quality. It is an accurate finisher taking the least time for it.

This meta tag extractor tool has much more to offer than just extraction. Users have the freedom to import & dump as many URLs as they want. If they already have a file saved in Excel or Text then that can be utilized for this purpose. Even more tags such as Heading, Author, etc. Can be added along with the title, description & keywords that are given. So you can extract all types of meta tags from all parts of a web page.

The meta tags that have been harvested by this metadata extractor tool can be saved either in excel or in text format so that users can employ it in the future. This amazing metadata harvester gives you all the options that you need to acquire meta tags from web pages.

Key Points of Meta Tag Grabber used for Web promotion and SEO:-

1. Extract meta tags in bulk from web pages.

2. 100's of URLs can be dumped to extract meta tags.

3. Also has the talent to extract meta tags of URLs present in the web page.

4. Users can also import URLs if already saved in Excel or Text file.

5. Can easily harvest tags like Title, description, keywords, etc.

6. More tags such as Heading, Author, content, etc. can be added.

7. Extracted meta tags can be saved either in Excel or in Text file formats.

8. This tool can be used for SEO, SMO & Website Promotion.

9. This can save 100's of manhours to extract meta tags manually.

Just give Website URL and you can get meta tags of the website. Best tool for SEO and website promotion

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