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Last Update:2009-04-29 - Minor Update: New Feature: * Support changing themes for user interface. * Support previewing effect when selecting effect from quick list. Enhanced: * Optimize user interface. * Decrease Toolbar area while enlarge designing area.
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Also known as GIF Animator, SWF Easy creates Flash easily and quickly. It creates Flash Banner, Flash Button, Flash Album, Text Animation and Greeting Card. Acting as the combination of PowerPoint and Flash-making software, it also can create Flash Presentation. This Flash Maker provides plenty of templates, resources and effects, which are free pre-made and can be previewed instantly. Users also can import resources like shape, Flash button, SWF file, music, movie clip, etc. And the SWF imported can be simply decompiled and grouped for re-using selectively. Its powerful features still include supporting ActionScript and UI components. SWF Easy offers an optimized and user-friendly interface, which can be switched between two themes. On the big canvas, user can draw shape, edit Flash and make animation conveniently. Besides SWF, this GIF Animator also can export Flash created as GIF and AVI files. Flash fans can use this easy Flash Maker to create various Flash animations in clicks.

Main Features:

1. Easily make Flash Albums, Flash Buttons, Flash Banners, etc through templates.

2. Efficiently make professional Flash Presentations.

3. Lots of built-in resources, such as Shapes, Buttons, Dynamic Backgrounds, Greeting Cards, etc, can be used directly.

4. Dozens of built-in effects can be edited, combined and looped.

5. Support creating UI components.

6. Apply external Shapes, Images, Buttons, Sounds, Movie Clips, etc from SWF files unboundedly.

7. Import the whole SWF files and video files directly for full use.

8. Support transparency effect for a specified color in a shape filled with a bitmap.

9. Drag elements up or down in Timeline to change Z-order.

10. Import the whole SWF files and video files directly for full use.

11. Support exporting as GIF files and AVI files.

12. Support various formats of sound and stream sound.

13. More resources can be added by installing Resource zip file downloaded from Sothink website.

14. Support Flash ActionScript 2.0 fully.

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