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Last Update:2007-02-09 - Major Update: Better detection
Requirements:486/32Mb RAM/ res640x480
Category:System Utilities::Text/Document Editors
Language:English, Catalan, ChineseSimplified, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish


Words Extractor is a universal hacking tool that extracts (human) text from binary (machine) files. Is suitable for many purposes like finding a cheat in a game, finding hidden text or passwords in a file (exe, bin, dll), recovering corrupted documents (like Word, RTF), checking against suspicious software etc...  

This program can be use virtually with any file in your computer. You can use it to separate the string that contains human text/words by binary code. Virtually it has an infinite number of usages.

This software was certified as free of spyware, free of addware, free of viruses by Softpedia

Example of usage:

1. Let's suppose you have a new game and you want to know find the cheats for this game. Drag and drop the file (for example 'Game.exe') in Words Extractor and press START. The program will remove all machine code (binary code) and will reveal only the text strings. Among this strings it is possible to find your cheats or even more information about the underneath of that game (for example comments of the programmers who made the game, path where files are kept, hints, possible messages and error messages for user or beta testers, etc).

2. Another use will be to recover a corrupted document. Let us suppose you had an important document on a floppy/CD/flash, stick and it became corrupted and you cannot open it any more. Drag your document in Words Extractor and it will separate the text in that document from the binary code. You will be able to recover in this way your text but you will lose the binary information like pictures, embedded objects or formatting.

3. Another use will be to check against a suspicious program. Let's suppose you just received an email with a program attached from a friend but at a second thought it seems that actually your friend didn't personally sent that message to you but it was automatically send by a virus running in your friend's computer.

Drag and drop the suspicious program in Words Extractor...

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