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PDF Plug-in Suite
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Last Update:2005-05-23 - New Release: Bugs fixed
Requirements:Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader) version 5 to X
Category:System Utilities::Text/Document Editors


Mapsoft PDF Plug-in Suite is a desktop package containing the 18 following Mapsoft plug-ins for Acrobat that enable you to: Stamp text or images: Impress, ImagePlacer. Manage and/or modify your PDF files thanks to these utilities: MaskIt, DocuMerger, Flattener, InfoSetter, OpenOptions, SecuritySetter, PDFSplitter, ThumbNails, PageManager.

Improve the navigation in your PDF file: BookMarker, TOCBuilder, DogEars. Process with PDF batches in an automated way or not: AcroBatch, Automator. Scale, resize your PDF document: ContentScaler, MediaSizer. It is a complete automated solution for your PDF publishing requirements providing access to these tools integrated into the Acrobat menus.

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