ZeroIn (+1 Yr Maintenance)

ZeroIn (+1 Yr Maintenance)
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Last Update:2007-04-03 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
Limitations:30 Trial
Category:System Utilities::Shell Tools


THE ultimate replacement for MS-DOS's CD (or CHDIR) command. Matches names by wildcard or partial matching by truncating, extending or correcting the name typed! Multiple matches can display a multi-screen list. Can create a directory if it doesn't exist. Maintains a history of recently visited directories, and a list of aliases for commonly used directories. A must have for use with Windows 95 long filenames (which it supports fully). You can change drives at the same time, and it doesn't care which kind of slash you use (\ or /). It does NOT use any index files. It can perform multilevel matches eg \*\doc finds all second level doc directories. Sets error level on exit to indicate success or failure. DOS 3.1+, 49k.

ZeroIn (+1 Yr Maintenance)

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