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Last Update:2007-01-07 - Minor Update: Bugs fixed
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This is a small utility that lets you organize your taskbar buttons (the oblong objects that represent open windows ;)) by dragging them around and grouping/ungrouping them as you wish.

  • To drag buttons, hold down Shift and drag them with your mouse.

  • To create a new group, Ctrl-Click a single button. You will be asked  how to name the new group. Enter anyhing or leave it to the default value and press Enter. Note that Explorer will soon ungroup a group that has only one item, so you should immediately add another button to the newly created groups.

  • To add buttons to a group, hold down Ctrl and drag them onto a group. This works both with normal and custom groups. You can also drag a group onto another group to merge them.

  • To ungroup a group Ctrl-Click it.

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