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Last Update:2016-02-25 - Minor Update: Product Enhancements
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TeraByte OS Deployment Tool Suite is a collection of specialized tools for IT professionals and power users.  These powerful tools in the right hands have many uses such as virus and rootkit removal and repair, installation of software and drivers,   and much more.

Use the included sample scripts and documentation for installing Windows drivers in your image deployment (restore) scripts to support different hardware.

The collection of tools include TBOSDT, BootFile, TBOS, and TBCMD.

TBOSDT Professional is available to paying customers.  The Professional version gives you everything in the standard version plus the powerful TBScript engine and extensions that allow you to provide interactivity, logic, and mathematics in your scripts.  

TBOSDT (TeraByte OS Deployment Tool) standard is a specialized command shell that supports an advanced set of commands to perform various tasks related to OS deployment, as well as more generalized types of tasks, such as file management. All commands can be executed manually from the interactive command shell, as well as automatically from a script. TBOSDT is compatible with DOS, Linux, and Windows (all NT versions 4.0 or later).

BootFile is a utility that enables to you boot an OS from a raw file (up to 4GB) containing a FAT/FAT32/NTFS file system .

TBOS (TeraByte OS) is a small basic real-mode OS that can run most DOS programs. (It's pronounced "Tee Boss")

TBCMD (TeraByte Command) provides a command line shell and TBScript scripting engine for TBOS. Its scripting capability may also be quite useful in DOS or Windows.

windows registry - scripting - workstation deployment - different hardware

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