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Last Update:2018-03-31 - Minor Update: New options;installer improved;consumes less resources;other fixes
Requirements:Pentium-III-900, 256 Mb RAM, 100 Mb HDD
Limitations:15 Trial
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Miraplacid Text Driver extracts text from any printable documents. Accounting professionals, Medical Insurance companies, Health care providers and many others use it to extract text  from all kind of document formats they receive and import it into their systems.

After installation on your PC, Miraplacid Text Driver appears as a new printer in your Windows system. When document is printed, Miraplacid Text Driver opens a dialog with Preview Window. You can save resulting text to disk, upload to FTP or HTTP server, print to a real printer, email or just copy to Clipboard. You can save extracted information as plain or formatted text, XML or as RSS feed for future processing. Miraplacid Text Driver supports all installed code pages as well as Unicode. Miraplacid Text Driver adds an icon to desktop. All the documents you drag and drop to this icon will be printed behind the scenes and processed by Miraplacid Text Driver. Turn "Auto Save Mode" on if you want Miraplacid Text Driver to handle text extraction and processing without waiting for your input. It can automatically name files and toss them to folders based on date and time, document name, as well as print job and page number.

If you need a hard copy of the extracted text or original document or both, Miraplacid

Text Driver can print it to a real printer for you.

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