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Last Update:2013-04-15 - New Release: Better compression ratio. Faster startup on Windows 8 64-bit.
Requirements:128MB RAM
Limitations:15 Trial
Category:System Utilities::File Compression


Reduce the actual size of PDF files by compressing font, text and graphics. Compressed PDF files can be opened and viewed by Adobe Acrobat Reader all versions without any issue. The compression ratio is extremely high for most PDF files, however some PDF files are already compressed when created, and they cannot be further compressed any more. Command line version available, evaluation copy on request.

Supported Platforms:

Windows 8 Home Basic

Windows 8 Home Premium

Windows 8 Business

Windows 8 Enterprise

Windows 8 Ultimate

Windows 7 Home Basic

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Business

Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 Ultimate

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition

Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Windows Home Server Edition

Microsoft Windows Media Center Edition

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6

Microsoft Windows ME

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

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