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Recovery Explorer Professional
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Last Update:2021-02-04 - Major Update: * Updated RAID builder dialog:
- Added support of selecting multiple components for 'bulk operations';
- Support of 'Move', 'Remove', 'Edit size' and 'Revert size' via 'bulk operations';
* ReFS3: fixed several compatibility issues (support of resident and named pointers);
Requirements:64-bit edition of any of supported operating systems; over 1 GB free disk space for program and temp
Category:System Utilities::File & Disk Management
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Recovery Explorer Professional is a feature-packed software application for access and recovery of files in various cases of data loss or file system damage, easy comprehensible for both technical experts and home users. The software works with a broad set of devices, including RAID of various complexity, and supports a wide variety of file systems: FAT32/exFAT/NTFS/ReFS/ReFS3 of Windows, HFS+/APFS file systems of macOS, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4, UFS/UFS2, Adaptec UFS, big-endian UFS, XFS, ReiserFS, JFS, Btrfs, F2FS of Linux, ZFS of SUN/FreeNAS and VMFS/VMFS6 of VMware. In addition to physical storages and  various disk images, the program handles virtual disks of VMware, Hyper-V, QEMU, XEN, VirtualBox and Parallels. What is more, the utility incorporates embedded decryption techniques for BitLocker, LUKS, TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, eCryptFS, Apple FileVault 2 and encrypted APFS, which make use of the available password or decryption key and allow restoring files from an encrypted device like from one utilizing no encryption. MS Storage Spaces, Windows dynamic disks, Apple Core Storage, mdadm, LVM with thin provisioning Btrfs-RAID, Drobo BeyondRAID and RAID-Z volumes are automatically detected by the software for further data recovery or access to files. Besides, the application can boast a wide variety of tools for low-level analysis of data consistency and manual editing of contents of disks, partitions or files in the hexadecimal mode.

Operations management is enhanced with the help of separate tabs for each tool as well as the opportunity to preview the files to be recovered. Recovery Explorer Professional can be also used to handle failing drives with definition of parameters as to the access and usage of the device, and the possibility to read out the storage only once and save the processed data to a sparse image file.

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