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Last Update:2014-01-06 - Major Update: Improved performance of restoring from Zip backups
Requirements:6 Mb Disk space
Limitations:20 Trial
Category:System Utilities::Backup & Restore
Language:English, Russian


D_back is a data backup tool designed to automate backing up your files with compression to local or network drives, USB flash, DVD, or remote FTP.

With this program you can configure backup task once and forget about after that. The program will quietly continue doing what it's supposed to do without prompting any actions by the user.

Program's features:

  • Backing up open or locked files;

  • Saving backups to FTP;

  • Backing up files from FTP;

  • Burning backups to DVD;

  • Backing up to several locations simultaneously;

  • PKZip  Zip64 compression (can create backup larger than 4Gb);

  • Supports 7-zip LZMA compression, fully compatible with freeware 7-zip file compressor;

  • Full, Incremental, Differential, Stack backup types;

  • Sending backups via e-Mail;

  • sending e-mail notifications on error events of each backup job;

  • Command-line mode;

  • Includes Backup Scheduler - an independent task scheduler (can run as a Windows service);

  • Easy data restoring.

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