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Last Update:2007-07-05 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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CyberScrub BackUp. Almost everyone will lose important data. Whether it is your treasured music library, important business records or irreplaceable photos of your family and friends, your hard drive can crash in an instant. The result- possible financial ruin (most businesses never recover from a substantial data loss), the grief from never viewing your children?s birthday parties, and the inconvenience of re-acquiring your favorite tunes and software programs.

CyberScrub BackUp provides easy to use, One-Click BackUps to secure your valuable data. You may also use the scheduler to automatically backup your computer or selected files at specified times or events. This is essential protection should you experience hardware failure, a virus or spyware attack or just simple human error.

Features include strong 256-bit AES encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your BackUps, Simple and Advanced Modes, the ability to backup items by category (such as Music or Business), log files, email notification on warnings, errors or summary, flexible masking filters to include/exclude data from your BackUp tasks, incremental/differential BackUps, the ability to store your BackUp locally, on removable media or FTP to remote locations.

An exciting feature is the Synchronization module. This allows you to mirror folders ensuring consistency between data repositories. For example, you could sync your music files between your host computer and a USB thumb drive. Road warriors will benefit by syncing their laptop folders with the home office.

In this way, the remote worker will always be able to access the latest pricing, inventory, and customer lists. Conversely, the office will be ?in the loop? on current sales, leads and expenses. CyberScrub BackUp includes extensive documentation within the program, and is backed by award winning technical support.

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