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Kid Key Logger Pro
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Last Update:2017-05-19 - Minor Update: Fixed bug with command line parameters not working correctly when another instance of the program was running in the background.
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Kid Key Logger Pro is a powerful, fully featured, keylogger, specifically designed for parents to record their children activity, while they let them play on their computers. Kid Key Logger Pro can log keystrokes, mouse and windows events ans also capture screenshots of your desktop. Log files can be written to disk, emailed or uploaded on a server. The key logger can be remote-controlled from another PC or from an Android device.

kid Key Logger Pro has been developped by 100dof, a trustworthy, well reputed, software developer which has been developing software for young children and parental control for more than 7 years. Popular software by 100dof includes Kid-Key-Lock, Pro-Key-Lock, Toddler Slides, and others.

Kid Key Logger Pro is 100% API-based keylogger. This means that the program uses 100% legitimate, well-documented, windows mechanisms to receive and process (log) windows events. Hence the possibility that this program is identified as malware by antivirus programs is minimal.

Some of the most prominent features of Kid Key Logger Pro are outlines in the list below:

  • Logs key events, mouse events, a variety of windows events and takes screenshots.

  • Uploads log files/screenshots on an FTP server.

  • Sends log files/screenshots via email.

  • Remote-controlled from any windows PC using provided software.

  • Remotely controlled from any android device using free software which can be installed via google play (

  • Remote controlled from any OS using simple UDP messages that can be send using 3rd party software.  

  • Email notifications when program starts/terminates (logon/logoff)

  • Can be installed for all users of a computer or for specific users

  • Logs saved in plain text format for easy viewing.

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