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Requirements:1GHz CPU, 1GHz RAM
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Do you know what exactly your kids are doing while they are online? Are they studying online or playing games all the time? Are they chatting with online predators? Are your employees working hard or hardly working during their paid hours? Are they spending too much time on social media websites instead of doing their job. Computer Spy Software Pro helps you protect your kids and business by monitoring your computers in the most unobtrusive way.

Computer Spy Software Pro helps by logging everything that's happening on your PC while the users are online. It records everything they type, logs sent and received chat messages, and creates a history of websites and resources they are visiting. The software takes notes on each program that's launched, and records for how long they are used. Screenshots can be captured to ensure no one is bullying or harassing your children. It helps you navigate through what's going on behind your back about by periodically capturing screen of your PC desktop. These screenshots clearly shows everything that was there at the time of a capture. It also enables you perform investigations of security incidents and trouble high-risk employees, monitor vendor access to your company's equipment, reduce insider threats and prevent intellectual property theft and data leaks.

Designed to run silently in background, Computer Spy Software Pro does not intervene with the computer users' online activities, but you will receive their activity reports via emails at your set interval to track everything they were doing online. The software is very user-friendly. You can install and configure the tool without hiring a tech guy.

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