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Last Update:2018-06-01 - Major Update: - More information added to Help. - Browsers icons replaced for better ones. - Edge browser icon added. - New icon added for the program shortcut. - The Button Colors submenu renamed to Colors. - The 100% Clean Softpedia award graphic added to setup.
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Fast Url Opener runs on Windows PC (all Windows; 32-bit or 64-bit), and it is a handy productive tool for opening your daily websites. The program allows you to keep 75 URLs (your website addresses) and opens them easy and fast in any browser that is set as current default browser on your computer in clicks, one by one.

Fast Url Opener can set any of the main web browsers as default browser. It can close a not responding browser as well. Fast Url Opener is a mighty marathon runner that runs fast, and using it is as easy as pie: If you click a preloaded button under the Open option, you will open your website.

If you click it under the Preload option, you will open the Preload window where you can edit Title and Url. It has 75 opening buttons: 27 buttons are located in the Main window, 24 in the More window, and 24 in the Extra window. Using Fast Url Opener for opening your frequently used websites on a daily basis, along with the default browser, is more productive than using the same browser alone.

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