Swimming Pool Design Book

Swimming Pool Design Book
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The need for us all to participate in a more active lifestyle is becoming more and more evident.  Children?s health has particularly suffered as a result of the popularity of computer related games and more sedentary interests.  A pool is a fabulous way to encourage activity for the entire family.  

Some points to consider when choosing a pool:

The first and most fundamental `rule? so to speak is to ensure the pool is designed as part of the garden, not simply a pool in a garden. With this in mind, consulting a professional landscape designer is a must.  Clearly pools are a considerable investment, it may seem obvious but their placement in a garden is often neglected, it is critical to get it right.  

So where do your place your pool? Generally pools should be positioned parallel to the back of the house.  Placement in full sun is not always possible or advisable.  Aim to place 70% of the pool in full sun, a small portion of the pool in a shaded area also provides wonderful respite from the hot afternoon sun.

Pools are also the ultimate garden water feature.  Where ever possible position the pool so it?s most spectacular aspect can be seen from inside the house.  Even when not using the pool, the beauty and serenity of the water can be enjoyed.

Swimming Pool Design Book

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