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Last Update:2020-12-18 - Minor Update: Version 3.4 provides an improved image alignment, which is faster, more precise and more reliable. The grid assistant and the control point editor were also improved. The new Raw import supports now more than 1100 cameras.
Requirements:min. 1 GHz multi-core CPU, 10 GB of free hard-disk space
Limitations:30 Trial / The created panoramas will have an embedded watermark
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PanoramaStudio Pro is a complete solution for the creation, editing and presentation of panoramas. The Pro version stitches single- and multi-row sets of images as well as arbitrary image arrangements and fisheye images into seamless partial or full spherical 360x180 panoramas. Even high-resolution gigapixel panoramas can be created.

Besides the automatic alignment of the images, PanoramaStudio Pro offers an optimized adaptive blending method which stitches even difficult scenes seamlessly. Advanced users can edit all steps of the panorama creation process with extensive post-processing options. The preview shows a 2D or 3D view of the panorama for simple editing.

Ambitious users can use the control-point editor to manually edit every detail of the image alignment and the new viewpoint correction allows to stitch images taken from different viewpoints. The internal camera database detects already more than 2500 cameras for more reliable results. In addition the new Align-to-Grid assistant can be used to pre-sort large numbers of input images to make the stitching of gigapixel panoramas easier.

The professional features are completed by an import filter for more than 1100 RAW formats as well as a Lightroom plugin, a full 16 bit workflow and full color management. To post-process the created panoramas there are several image-processing filters available. After that the hotspots tool can be used to connect several panoramas to a virtual tour.

The output options include various image file formats. For professional processing the individual images of a panorama can be saved in layered PSD file. Very large images can be saved in the PSB or BigTIFF format. The integrated poster printing function allows to print a panorama over several pages.

For presentations on the web panoramas can be exported as interactive 3D HTML5 panoramas or virtual tours.

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