Montax Imposer Plug-in ProHot VDP

Montax Imposer Plug-in ProHot VDP
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Last Update:2018-01-12 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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Montax imposer is a plugin for Adobe Acrobat 6 or later (not Acrobat Reader). It is a tool for imposition, placing several pages from PDF document on one or more sheets.

This plugin simplifies printing of business cards, tickets, invitations, but also newspapers, magazines and books. It can be used for offset, prepress, copyshop, and it is also useful for personal needs. The output of Montax imposer is PDF for any digital printer, imagesetter or CTP.

Montax imposer allows you to impose pdf very quickly by various ways. In addition to the standard N-UP imposition, in which pages are imposed side by side to a sheet in the order from the PDF source, it allows many other variations.

The VDP extension allows you to add variable data to the imposition.

The "Cut and Stack" imposition is determined e.g. for numbered tickets print - after cutting the sheets just stack the blocks and tickets will be already in the correct order.

Another type is the "Booklet" imposition which is used for print of magazines, newspapers, books etc. Montax imposer allows also sophisticated imposition variants, e.g. cross-fold, double cross-fold, their combinations and many other imposition alternatives.

The ProHot version support automatic imposition by using hotfolders - watched folders, after loading pdf file to this folders is imposition and output pdf file created automaticaly without user intervention.

This new version allows also imposition of images (jpg, tif, psd etc.).

The ProHot version has no restrictions.

Montax Imposer Plug-in ProHot VDP

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