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DXF small lines to arcs
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Last Update:2012-08-08 - New Release: First release
Requirements:Windows 2000 and newer
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The program converts many small lines in a dxf file which form arcs into arcs. The dxf file will become much smaller and it can be used for a CNC project much easier. The CNC machine will be able to finish the part much faster. The lines have to be part of a "polyline".

Every arc will be divided into x (i.e. 100) parts and every line will be divided into y (i.e. 100) parts. For every division point of the line the program searches the nearest division point of the arc. The distance between this two points on the line and arc has to be shorter than the "maximum deviation" which you can specify.

If the dxf file uses big dxf coordinates, then you need to choose a larger maximum deviation. For smaller coordinates use smaller values. You need to test this out. If you choose the value to big even straight lines may be converted into arcs. To small values will have the effect that not all arcs are recognized.

If you specify more testing points the conversation will be slower. The needed number of testing points is the product of the number of testing points for the lines and the number of testing points for the arcs. If you use 100 testing points for both, then 100 x 100 = 10000 tests are needed.

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