Hoop Notes Mobile

Hoop Notes Mobile
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Last Update:2009-09-04 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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Hoop Notes Mobile is a companion product to Hoop Notes PC edition.  Use Hoop Notes Mobile to collect real time game statistics on your Windows Mobile handheld device.  The PC edition of Hoop Notes has the ability to collect real time statistics as well, but when you are ready to rid yourself from that cumbersome laptop or PC and attain the freedom of entering statistics with your handheld device, Take Note Solutions is there for you.  Taking statistics with Hoop Notes Mobile is even quicker and easier than the PC version, and the software is packed with features.

Hoop Notes Mobile:

  • Quick Stats - with the click of a button, review the statistics of your team or your opponent

  • Full edit capability from the handheld

  • Review team or individual detailed statistics, including shot charts

  • Beam or receive beamed lineups from other Hoop Notes Mobile users

  • Chalk - draw a play or situation right on your handheld

  • Sync to PC Edition for all your reporting needs

  • Tap and hold functionality included throughout to speed data entry

Hoop Notes Mobile

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