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Last Update:2018-01-09 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
Requirements:512 MB RAM. 500 MB free hard-disk space.VGA 800x600 minimum.
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The great lottery software SamLotto since 2003 and continued strong. SamLotto software works with all the lotto lotteries and supports 220 lotteries from 62 countries. SamLotto fully features lotto lottery software that provides the best analysis tool, filtering tool and predicting tool to help you win lottery!

You must stop trying to predict the lottery using random luck, but instead learn how to win the lottery using SamLotto lottery software that will greatly increase your chances of winning the lottery. Using our lottery program you will be able to filter out 90% of the bad tickets so as to greatly increase your chances of predicting the winning lottery

Detailed Features of the SamLotto

Pick numbers and generate number combinations:

Support manual selection of numbers.

Support 1-click quick select hot/cold/past x drawings numbers.

Support adding bonus number (3 modes: all mode, in turn mode and random mode).

Support specifying the number of all positions and then generating lines.

Support random generation of lines.

Drawings data processing:

Unlimited lottery game creating.

Support building in Internet result updating and manually entering results

Updating of lottery results with just a click on the toolbars.

Support export/import/add/delete

Copy data to the clipboard.

Predict lottery numbers:

According to the drawings trend chart, predict the next drawing winning numbers manually.

Verify that all prediction formula, choose the best one.

Predict the next drawing winning numbers.

The 2018 version support the new function WRG(ver1.0), WRG = Wheel Reduction Guarantee. The WRG is designed to enable a player to play more numbers. When we use the wheels and the filter after, there are still so many combinations, this time we can use WRG! we can choose to retain the 80% 50% 30% 20% 10% 5%, we will do the optimal choice!

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