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Egyptian Videopoker
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Last Update:2004-11-27 - New Release: Bugs fixed
Requirements:Pentium 200 or better, 64 Mb RAM or better, 640x480 display resolution or better
Limitations:15 Trial
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In Egyptian Videopoker you would be a witness of a meeting which took place thousands years ago.

One beautiful youth tried for many times to acquaint with a girl lived in neighborhood. But every time something gone wrong. Once he intended to come up to her in the market and, as ill luck would have it, a passing by cart wet him with the mud. Next time he decided to catch her near her house, but just he went into the street he stumbled and broke a leg, so the youth left his attempts for a month. The story could go further this way if the girl would came to know about her admirer. Her heart did not endure and she felt sorry for ill-starred guy. She invited him to the meeting herself, though that ancient times it was accepted as indecent! Now the youth is leading the girl for a walk. Nothing disturbs them and they enjoy each other.

The designers animated this story using the brightest colors, soft melodies and wonderful graphics and added a fascinated card game. They did it for you to take a veritable pleasure from the game Egyptian Videopoker!

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