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Last Update:2010-07-10 - Major Update: Enhanced interface and graphics; full world coverage; African maps quiz
Requirements:8MB disk space
Limitations:10 Trial / European, African and USA maps never expire.


As modern communications technology shrinks the world year by year, the nightly news brings the names of once-exotic places into our lives - places like Azerbaijan, Djibouti, Turkmenistan and Sierra Leone. Unfortunately, years of schooling have left many of us with only a hazy knowledge of the nations of the world.

Enter World Geography Tutor. Now you can learn the nations of Asia, Africa and Europe, South and Central America, and the states of the USA, with the aid of a proven quick-learning interface. Within a few short sessions, you will build mastery over the maps and forge a clear mental picture of the political boundaries that shape our global civilization.  No need to clam up when the talk turns to the geography of world events. Just remember that understanding takes knowledge. With World Geography Tutor you'll always be on top of the world.

Extra features include: Configurable quiz length; automatic scorekeeping; optional info window showing vital statistics about each nation or state as you explore; fun and informative European and African flag quizzes.

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