EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional v5.2.5

EMCO MSI Package Builder Professional
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Last Update:2014-11-19 - Major Update: Version 5.2.5 includes a few bug fixes.
Requirements:1 GHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent, 512MB of RAM, 250MB of free disk space.
Limitations:30 Trial
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This application allows you to create MSI packages manually using a visual editor or automatically using the capturing technology. Both approaches are easy-to-use and don't require any special training, so you can successfully use the application even if you don't have experience in installation creation.

An easy visual editor allows you to configure installation projects and specify file system, registry and other resources that should be changed in scope of installation. Using an intuitive interface you can specify required installation resources and define actions that should be performed with them during an installation. When an installation project is ready the application can generate an MSI package for it automatically.

The application can be also used for repackaging of existing installations to silent MSI packages that are ready for remote deployment. You can convert EXE installations that aren't designed for silent installation to silent MSI packages automatically using a changes capturing technology. It is able to tract file system and registry changes performed during deployment of original installation. Captured changes are used to generate a silent MSI package that makes same changes as the original installation. In order to repackage EXE installation to MSI you only need to activate capturing and perform deployment of original installation. The application will detect changes and generate MSI package for you automatically.

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