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Last Update:2018-05-28 - Major Update: Gmail labels, IMAP and Exchange folders browse in the email source settings do not timeout so quickly Good for slow connections or long lists of labels/folders
Exchange version 2007 is now actually supported
Improved fault tolerance of the changing running mode window when connection errors happen
Requirements:Windows 7 and up
Limitations:30 Trial
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Email Parser bridges the gap between the emails you receive and Excel files, Google Sheets and databases. It can parse email text from the email itself or from the attachments.

The configuration is fast and easy thanks to the different parsing methods and the wide range of examples available.


Complete unattended operation.

Retrieves email from POP, IMAP and Outlook accounts. It is also compatible with Gmail and Hotmail.

Supports SSL for secure email retrieving

Easy to setup where to look for text. From a simple line-column position to the more advanced wildcard, regular expression or script parsers.

Email filtering based on sender, subject, message contents, date etc.

Capable of combining different email filtering rules for more complex email selection.

Capable of sending an automated reply.

It works with Excel to store data captured from emails

Compatible with most popular databases: MySQL and SQL server. It also works with other databases via ODBC drivers.

Complete customization via script actions or calling external programs or commands.

Full workflow control via conditional rules.

Many examples and use cases available

It can be run in the background as a Windows service.

Logging and history available to track the processing of each received email.

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