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Storm Web Messenger+
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Storm Web Messenger was designed to implement an Instant Messaging system for companies. Using a server-based organizational structure, employees can easily locate and communicate with one another. Built-in universal community forum software (BBS), It's easy for users to find new content.

Built-in storm HTTP server and SQLite database, One click Install and it is easy, simple.It supports IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. It works just like QQ or MSN or AOL, but with some cool features that make it very suitable for large organizations where lots of people use computers.

1. Corporate Logo and Common Favorites: advertise your corporate culture. 2. Organizational structure: directory tree of the multi-level organizational structure of enterprises provides clear understanding of the organization. It is auto updated when the structure of the organization changes.

3. Instant Communication: quickly and easily send and receive instant messages. You can change the text fonts in different colors for a personalized display. 4. Contact Group: contacts can be grouped. For example the most frequent contacts or contacts from in the same division.

5. Status display: Show contact information: online, busy, offline etc. 6. Personal information: Directly lookup seat-number, phone-number and other personal information. 7. Quick Search field: quickly look up someone by name or other criteria. 8.

Historical information: Chat log etc. 9. Security: Chat record encrypted storage; the chat file encryption storage. When users log on or change the password, the data submitted is encrypted with the public key, the server-side private key to decrypt.

10. Users across the LAN, VPN, and internet access server. It provides a new application interface that allows users to integrate existing applications.

Storm Web Messenger+

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