Tabbles Pro (1 year subscription)

Tabbles Pro (1 year subscription)
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Last Update:2009-08-01 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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Tabbles allows you to categorize, sort and search files, folders, bookmarks and emails by tagging them: the tags are shaped as a bubble and grouped in color coded categories and can be browsed as virtual folders. You can tag any kind of file with as many tags as you need: this solves the problem "should I store this file in folder A, in folder B or folder C?". Using the "Combine" feature, you can for example search all the files tagged with "Customer Smith" and "Project Alpha" but not "2017".

*** Key features of Tabbles ***

  1. Tag files of any kind: many tagging applications work only for some specific file types. With Tabbles you can tag any kind of files. Tags are color coded and you nest tags one into another to create a hierarchy.

  1. Browse tags visually and dynamically: use the "combine" function to see all the files that are in tag "Customer Smith" and "Project Alpha" but not in the tag "2016".

  1. Tabbles stores the tagging (but not your files!) into a Microsoft SQL Server, which makes it a powerful, corporate type application. The largest installation we have so far is 150 uses (in the US). We have also sold large installations to prestigious customers like GE and NASA.

  1. Tabbles 4 gives the user 3 modes to run:

  • Local: Tabbles will run on a local database, for a quick deployment for single users

  • Cloud: the Cloud is an SQL database that we have are managing. The user can register via our website and groups of users can use the Cloud together

  • LAN: this is for companies who have a Microsoft SQL Server in house. The setup is very easy: the IT manager can create the database, deploy the application centrally, import the users from ActiveDirectory and manage the licenses centrally.

  1. Auto-tagging rules: Tabbles can be trained to "listen" to your whole hard disk and:

  • when a file is created or moved/downloaded to a certain folder, the file has to be tagged with a certain tag

  • when a file with a certain name (e.g. containing "Customer Smith" or "Projet Alpha" or "2016") is created, tag with a certain tag

  • when any of the above happens, also in combination, show a "one click tagging" pop-up that allows me to tag the file on the fly

  1. Tag-sharing: share tagging among your own PCs and with your colleagues

  • Groups of users can tag files on shared drives (or Dropbox) and share their tagging with their colleagues (Tabbles Corporate only)

  • A single user can share the tagging on shared drive or a Dropbox folder on up to 3 PCs (Only Tabbles Corporate, Busines, and Pro)

  1. Track file movements: if you tag a file and then move the file (using Windows Explorer), Tabbles will "listen" to the file movement and the tagging will not be lost (like in Tabbles 2).

  1. Explorer Integration: we worked towards integrating Tabbles with Windows

    • Context menu: in Windows Explorer you can now right click on a file and tag a file

    • Overlay Handler: when a file is tagged, in Windows Explorer you see an "Overlay icon" (a small Tabbles logo on the file icon, that tells you that the file is tagged.

  1. Support for Dropbox or other file synchronization tools: Tabbles 4 allows you tag files in your Dropbox (or OneDrive, etc.) folder and have the tagging on every machine that is sharing that Dropbox folder

  1. Outlook plugin: we have an Outlook plugin that allows to tag emails in Outlook (soon we will be able to also tag Tasks and Calendar events). The email can be searched also in Tabbles, where they appear tagged together with files

  1. Chrome Extension: Tabbles allows you to tag internet addresses and we have also made a Chrome extension to tag directly from Chrome. Find the Chrome extension here:

  1. API and plugins: third parties can write plugins for Tabbles or to integrate their software with Tabbles. Info about the API are here:

  1. Confidential is a tag spin-off with a unique extra feature, tag file directly in Windows Explorer with 4 special tags, and see this tag as an "overlay" on top of the file icon, in Windows Explorer. Those tags are shared by default, so if you tag a file with a red or yellow tag on a shared drive, your colleagues will see it.

Tabbles Pro (1 year subscription)

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