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Spreadsys Ticker
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Last Update:2009-05-18 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
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Spreadsys Ticker is smart system with simple approach to help broadcasting news, managing links and getting users attention with moving text, blinking appearance or popup dialog.

News messages distributed via Microsoft Windows sharing folder, you can easily configure user privilege with existing domain user account. Spreadsys also works with offline PC (e.g. Plasma TV for information center/kiosk)

Features of this smart system includes:

    * News priority level with customized colors

    * Breaking news / pop-up message

    * Dynamic links collection

    * Adjustable bar position

    * Horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling model

    * Scrolling speed adjustment

    * Customizable image for separator between news

    * Server offline detection

    * Dual monitor support

Spreadsys Ticker will deliver news across your internal network and show it directly on employee desktop, making sure that everyone gets the message.

Up to 10 News Folders can be configured with different user privilege (e.g. IT Department News, HR Department News, etc), with natively 100% compatible with existing domain user name / MS Active Directory.

News stored with built-in encryption.

If you choose to use Spreadsys Ticker System for your information monitor/kiosk, you can control your news without having to manually control the terminal and put scheduled news when it need to be showed and expired. Perfect for Plasma TV Monitor.

Extra feature which taking care dynamic links able to provide web links or files location directed to your network and make it available to every Ticker client.

Spreadsys Ticker

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