AnyPO III: Purchase Order System v14.54

AnyPO III: Purchase Order System
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Last Update:2017-08-19 - Major Update: PO Approval System. Ability to submit PO's from different departments within a business.
Requirements:1-2 GB is recommended, 45 MB Disk Space


AnyPO III is the top of the line and our flagship purchase order system.  It includes an impressive array of features.  All of the features of AnyPO Levels I and II are included and more.  With this easy-to-use program you can put together purchase orders or requisitions in a snap.  You can print PO's, or fax or email them.  You can track what products have been received and what products remain on back order.  You can keep lists of your vendors and commonly ordered items.  

The 'must-have' feature in the Level III program is integrated email.   With this feature, you can send PO's to vendors with a simple press of a button.  It even has the ability to send out a bulk emailing to your vendors.

Level III users can take advantage of a new electronic approval option.  This new option allows you to set up a company approval system of PO's based on the company's hierarchy.

Another major addition to the Level III program is a new series of reports which analyze your purchases.  With the Level III program you can attach a supporting document, spreadsheet or scanned image to the PO.   You can also configure it to trigger an alert message on PO's which exceed a certain total amount.

One very large and significant addition is the ability configure the Level III program so that a head purchasing office (or an accounting office) receives requisitions or purchase orders from one or more departments.  

AnyPO well known for its ease of use and its outstanding help documentation.  The package also includes a PDF manual and getting started guides.  

We've spent a considerable amount of time researching the top purchase order systems on the market.  When we built AnyPO III, we made sure we had all of their features, and then we added dozens more.  We're pretty proud of the result, and we think that you'll find AnyPO one of the most comprehensive and advanced purchase order systems available.

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