AnyBook Pro 2: Publishers Business Kit v14.47

AnyBook Pro 2: Publishers Business Kit
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Last Update:2017-08-22 - Major Update: Dozens of new features added
Requirements:1-2 GB, 120 MB Disk Space


The Professional Level 2 Edition includes all of the invoicing features found in the Level 1 program.  Those features include the ability to generate invoices, handle book returns, produce sales reports, record customer payments, and create customer mailing lists.    It can apply discounts to products individually or altogether.  

Included among its features are polished and refined pop-ups to find and paste customers or products.  You can copy a customer name and address from an email message and paste the whole works to an invoice.    You can also add personal notes to an invoice.  The program includes AnyBook's innovative system of marking invoices paid which makes it easy to readily locate unpaid invoices. And it will produce sales and sales tax reports.  

In addition to Level 1 features, the Level 2 program includes the following major additions:  

  •   Billing Engine. The program includes a comprehensive billing engine which creates billing statements for each of your customers, listing all invoice activity & identifying unpaid invoices.  

  •   Inventory Engine.  The program will track inventory and provide data on how many books remain at any given time.  *  Advanced Search.  Advanced search broadens your ability to locate invoices and customers.  It enables you to search the contents of any field on the Main Invoice Screen.  

  •   Back Order Processing.  The Level 2 program has the ability to find back-ordered products and create new invoices when items are back in stock and ready to ship.  

  •   Invoice Graphics.  If desired, you can add logos or other graphics to printed invoices and statements.  

  •   Deposit and Payment Reports.  Among other features, the Level 2 Edition will also create a Deposit and Payment report which can be used to prepare bank deposits.  

It has an extensive and highly illustrated help system integrated into the program, and comes with "Getting Started" information, a program tour, and sample files.

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