1DNest: 1D Cutting Optimizer v3.5.4.2

1DNest: 1D Cutting Optimizer
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Last Update:2018-07-25 - Minor Update: New automaic conversion for units of measure, fixes to precision, and others minor fixes and updates
Requirements:More than 1 Gb ram recommended
Limitations:30 Trial / Still working after 30 days but having a limited input of data.
Language:English, German, Portuguese, Spanish


1D cutting optimizer, 1DNest is the most  efficient, friendly and productive one-dimensional cutting optimization software to make cutting plans with topl efficiency for manufacturers who cut in pieces of smaller size,   materials provided in standard lengths (linear materials) like bars, tubes, structural profiles, beams, aluminium extrusions, paper rolls, etc.

NO quantity limits for pieces to cut or Bars to cut from.

Accept until 1500 different lengths of pieces to cut

Accept until 290 different lengths of stock bars to cut from.

Real time solutions

Easy interaction with Ms Excel to import data and throw results directly to excel.

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