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Total Power Point Files Converter
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Total Power Point Files Converter - A time & money saving revolutionary product for MS PowerPoint

Total Power Point Files Converter is very useful time and money saving Power Point utility used to convert multiple ppt files into many other supported formats. Manually conversion of multiple ppt files into other formats is time consuming work. This power point converter reduces the manual effort and saves your precious time.

As a source file it supports only ppt and pptx files. These files can be converted into any one of the following files formats in a single process:

  • PowerPoint Presentation (pptx)

  • PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation (pptm)

  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (ppt)

  • PowerPoint Template (potx)

  • PowerPoint Macro- Enabled Template (potm)

  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Template (pot)

  • PDF (pdf)

  • XPS Document (xps)

  • Office Theme (thmx)

  • PowerPoint Show (ppsx)

  • PowerPoint Macro- Enabled Show (ppsm)

  • PowerPoint 97-2003 Show (pps)

  • PowerPoint XML Presentation (xml)

  • Single File Web Page (mhtml)

  • Web Page (htm)

  • GIF Graphics Interchange Format (gif)

  • JPEG File Interchange Format (jpg)

  • PNG Portable Network Graphics Format (png)

  • TIFF Tag Image File Format (tif)

  • Device Independent Bitmap (bmp)

  • Windows Metafile (wmf)

  • Enhanced Windows Metafile (emf)

  • Outline/RTF (rtf)

Some most popular conversion is ppt to pdf, ppt to xml, pptx to ppt and vice versa, ppt to html, ppt to png and many more.To add files for conversion is very easy. User can add a single file or multiple files. It allows the user to add a folder directly in which there are some supported files. To save the converted files, user can give file path before conversion process starts. All converted files will be saved at this location automatically.

Total Power Point Files Converter

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