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Swiss File Knife
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Last Update:2018-09-18 - Major Update: added sfk addtovar to collect text lines in a variable, sfk crc to create crc-32 checksums, sfk difflines to list different unique lines between two text files. improved ftp client compatibility. many detail improvements for scripting, like new variable functions.
Requirements:Command line application.
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Command line tool to search and replace text or binary data in all files of a folder, and to list and search contents of .zip, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 archive files, even within nested archives. Contains multiple search/replace commands, one of them supporting wildcards and SFK Expressions.

Download URL points to the Windows freeware Base Edition which contains demo functionality. Available for many platforms like Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux 32 bits. The Swiss File Knife is actually a multi function command line tool containing more than 100 commands for all kinds of tasks like file conversion and file transfer between machines.

For search/replace specific functions start using: sfk xfind

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