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Last Update:2014-04-10 - New Release: - Update for OS X 10.9
- Export PDF as Microsoft Word
- Support encrypted PDFs
- Support scanner more property settings when scan document
- Add PDF page exchange menu action and shortcuts
- Add PDF annotation usage switch in app's preferences window
- Add object cut/copy/paste shortcuts
Requirements:Operating System: Mac OS X 64 bits 10.7 or Higher CPU: Intel 1GHz Hard Disk: 512M and above
Limitations:30 Trial
Category:Business::Office Suites & Tools


PDF Editor Pro has been created with all in-one solution in my mind: Editing, convert, create, annotate, sign, fill, scan, print, split, merge and more PDF actions as quick and easy as possible. PDF Editor supports the following features:

Feature Summary

Edit Mode. There are two modes you can choose. one is deep editing, use this mode the program will start PDF editing engine, you can directly edit your PDFs, inside the text and images will be resolved, then you can use a variety of editing components; other is light editing, in this mode, you can also use a variety of editing components, based on the original document. If you want to use deep editing mode, just need check the option in preferences window to enable it, then open PDF file again, the program will start PDF editing engine to re-edit your PDF.

View Mode. There are four views to meet your editing needs. They are editing, bookmark, comment, preview.

Document Actions. You can create, open, import PDF or pages, and including add/delete pages, etc. Note: Create a new document/page will automatically use the deep edit mode, import PDF or pages will be based on preference settings

OCR (Optical character Recognition). When you open or import PDF/pages, the program will detect whether it is scanned PDF, and if so, the program will automatically start the OCR scan engine.

Table. Insert tables. Including insert/delete rows, insert/delete columns, change the cell size, text font and color. In deep edit mode, each cell is rich, which can have different font, color, text alignment and also can insert hyperlinks.

Text Box. Insert text boxes. Including change the text font, color and alignment. In deep edit mode, the cell is rich, which can have different font, color, text alignment and also can insert hyperlinks.

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