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Last Update:2014-04-11 - New Release: - Supports encrypted PDF
- Supports full screen more
- Supports customize page size
- Adds line border and color config by double click
- Adds square border and color config by double click
- Adds object property menu item
- Fully compatible with OS X Mavericks
Requirements:Operating System: Mac OS X 64 bits 10.7 or Higher CPU: Intel 1GHz Hard Disk: 512M and above
Limitations:30 Trial
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PDF Creator Pro - Ulitmate PDF Creator and Document Editor & Converter

PDF Creator Pro is for those who want to create, split, merge, sign and scan PDFs, edit and convert Microsoft Word document into PDFs.

New! PDF Creator Pro

New interface makes PDF editor faster and easier then ever, and many popular document formats have been supported, including all versions of Microsoft Word document. It's optimized for retina display ! We've also added the ability to change cell size and formatting of table. There's much more --see the list of new features below.


Document editor

Edit any kinds of document in rich document editor, support doc, docx, rtf, rtfd, html, txt, odt, webarchive, etc. You can open or import to edit, then save it to insert or merge into PDF, You also can insert line, paragraph, page, hyperlink, image, table and so on in editor.

When import or open word document to edit, the only thing is that images in document will be lost.

Image editor

Import image as PDF page, you can use rich image editing toolkit to adjust and set image effects, even rotate, select, crop, cut, copy and so on.

PDF content editor

Create PDF page directly, you can use control object including text box, table, shape and image to build PDF.

Cut, Copy and Paste

Deal with content, You can use cut, copy and paste actions, these can be used for text, table, shape and so on.

Rich Formatted Table

Add and edit table, You can insert any rows or columns table, change cell size, format cell text and insert hyperlink for cell.

Formatted Text

Create content for PDF, You can format the text and insert hyperlink.

Image Effect

Insert image with many kinds of PDF. There are 10+ kinds of image effect, and support redo/undo actions.

Paperless Workflow

Reduce the amount of paper in your office. Scan documents directly into PDF editor, support all scanners by OS X supported.

Sign PDF

No more printing! You can add your signature.

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