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Last Update:2012-08-31 - Minor Update: Bugs fixed
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The calculation is intended for the geometric design and strength check of couplings using pins and clevis pins.

The program is used to solve the following tasks: design of pin for spring attachment, design of couplings with

securing pins, design of cross pin in rod and sleeve, design of radial pin for shaft-hub connection, design of

longitudinal pin for shaft-hub connection, design of clevis pin for rotating rod-clevis connection, strength check of

designed couplings. The program includes dimensional tables for pins and clevis pins according to ANSI, ISO, DIN,

BS, JIS and CSN. Support of 2D CAD (AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD, Ashlar Graphite, TurboCAD).Related

standards: ANSI B18.8.1, ANSI B18.8.2, ISO 2338, ISO 2339, ISO 2340, ISO 2341, ISO 8733, ISO 8734, ISO

8735, ISO 8739, ISO 8740, ISO 8741, ISO 8742, ISO 8743, ISO 8744, ISO 8745, ISO 8746, DIN 1, DIN 7, DIN

1443, DIN 1444, DIN 1470, DIN 1471, DIN 1472, DIN 1473, DIN 1474, DIN 1475, DIN 1476, JIS B 1352, JIS B

1354, JIS B 1355, BS EN 22339, BS EN 22340, BS EN 22341, CSN EN 22339, CSN EN 22340, CSN EN 22341.

This module is a part of MITCalc - Mechanical and Technical Calculation Package for gear, belt and chain drives,

bearings, springs, beam, shaft, bolt connection, shaft connection, tolerances and many others.

pinned couplings - joint - pin - pins - clevis pin - coupling

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