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DreamCalc Scientific Calculator
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Last Update:2008-01-03 - Minor Update: New Cubic Regression
Requirements:Win2000 or above, Screen 1024x768 or above
Limitations:Reminder Screens (Does not Expire)
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DreamCalc is a virtual Scientific Calculator. You get the intuitive feel of using a real hand-held calculator on your PC or laptop!  Select from Reverse Polish Notation or two styles of algebraic input, and with the optional ability to run in your Windows system tray--DreamCalc will always be there whenever you need to reach for a calculator.

DreamCalc also offers you a full range of scientific functions, statistics, complex numbers, base-n logic, unit conversions, built-in constants and a powerful polynomial solver. Because it is software, it allows you to exchange your results and lists with your other applications.

It is a "must" for business, science, engineering and education.

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