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PC in Internet Explorer (PC-in-IE) is a secure and simple software to allow you to access your PC via Internet Explorer on another PC from anywhere in the world, as long as both PCs are connected to the Intranet/Internet.

For example, with PC-in-IE, you can setup your home/office PC as host-side PC then you still can easily access it and work on it from any other PC while you are not at home or in office. You can see the desktop of the Host-side PC in the IE window on local PC. And use local keyboard and mouse to launch applications, read e-mails, edit documents, retrieve data files remotely, and so on. It is just like you were sitting right before the host-side PC.

The entire communication between the Host-side PC and the local Viewer PC is encrypted to ensure security during remote access.

To enable Remote Access, you only need to download this software and run it on the Host-side PC, which you want to access remotely. And that's all. Now you can access this Host-side PC with another PC anywhere!

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