MobileController Professional Edition v1.6

MobileController Professional Edition
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Last Update:2009-03-31 - Major Update: Add 7 language packs and updage task management function
Requirements:PocketPC2003SE/WM5.0/WM6.0 or Above
Limitations:free 20 times using with no limit
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Language:English, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish


Control your phone via pc. 16 products in one!

1.Real-time Control and Display

The synchronous screen display of mobile-phone.

Mouse operation on the phone screen, which is similar to the stylus .

Keyboard operation on the phone screen, the same as that of the phone .

2.Virtual Webcam

This function can transfer mobile phone pictures to anywhere in the world immediately

Use it for chatting, video teaching and etc. Just like an actual webcam.

3.SMS Tool

Send and receive short messages from desktop directly. More simply and quickly than the mobile phone keyboard!

4.Intelligent Photo-Transmission

MobileController can transfer digital photographs into the mobile device convenient.

5.CAB Installation.

CAB installation in a mobile phone is relativelyt easy via the MobileController. Select the CAB you want to set up directly.

6.Clipboard Synchronization

Synchronized clipboard is able to realize the text transfer from a computer to your mobile phone conveniently.

7.System Information Display

Timely display of various system information.

8.Task Management

It displays the state of running programs, backstage programs and services. You can start or stop them.

9.Presentation   Tools

It contains a variety of tools for demonstration.

10.Graphic marks

Make graphic marks.

Support for color selection and eight drawing tools of curve, line, circle, filled circle, ellipse, filled ellipse, rectangle, filled rectangle.

11.Mobile Device Reset

With a soft reset function.

The hard reset function, which will restore original factory default settings of the device.

12.Screen Capture

Real-time capture of the phone screen.

13.Screen Printing

Print a mobile phone screen shot in a printer connected with the computer.

14.Various Connection Mode

Support for ActiveSync. Connect with the device by USB, Bluetooth or serial port firstly. Note if the state of ActiveSync is OK

Compatible with TCP, e.g., Wifi, Edge, 3G.

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