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Last Update:2014-03-17 - Major Update: Feedback on time consuming operations, Web layout corrections, Orzcle and Sqllite fixes. ExIF image format ,Database application WEB share - see version.txt
Requirements:.NET framework 4.0
Limitations:Created DBEX application file distribution limeited
Category:Business::Databases & Tools
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DBEXform offers easy and efficient way to design forms, reports and charts for Sql databases. The simplest way to make a small database software, is to drag table from database and drop it to a new form in the designer and DBEXform creates editing and browsing forms for a quick start. It also creates all necessary Sql queries and update statements for database.

There is a full featured form designer in DBEXform, making designing of  forms flexible. It's also possible to import visual components from Windows or third party libraries. Developer has very much control over the layout of interface . At the design time the form looks just the same as executable form, with exception that  developer could hide some objects from end users. Changing between designing and execution mode  is real fast, taking only about second.


Dynamic Sql builder is one of the most important core library of DBEXform. Integrated Sql builder does not only frees developer from writing complex Sql queries, but it  also gives more options on functions of interface. DBEXform builds queries based on fields of  the form and options selected by the developer and also by users. This makes it easy to alter a form by adding or removing fields from it, without making changes in many places. Adding records from different tables to form, will instruct the dynamic Sql builder to create relation between tables and the form is immediately executable.

In many cases, it is possible to build quite complicated application only with properties of designer. But DBEXform has also a lot of methods to extend software. There is a native Basic language for all kind of calculations and logical decisions. It's also possible to execute stored procedures from Sql servers or import system classes from Windows or business logic written with C# or VB.Net.

Supports: Microsoft Sql, Access, MySql, Oracle, Sqlite and new databases are added when there are users.

Royalty free end user license.

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