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Tabs for Excel 64bit
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Last Update:2011-01-10 - Major Update: Adds New button in the tab bar of 32 bit version;
Supports Office 2010 protection View window;
Improve the appearance of the tab bar and some prompt messages.
Fix some minor bugs.
Requirements:Microsoft Office Excel or Office 2010 64-bit installed
Limitations:30 Trial
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Workbook Tabs for Excel 2010 x64 (original name is Excel Tab) is designed for Microsoft Office Excel 2010 64-bit. It has powerful features, like customization, excel keyboard shortcuts and easy mouse functions. Easily edit, read, and manage multiple workbooks with tabbed browser just as those in IE 8, Chrome, and FireFox.

Workbook Tabs for Excel 2010 x64 will help you pick up workbook at ease from multiple opened ones in current working Excel 2010 x64 Window. It is easy to disable/enable the tabbed browser in Microsoft Excel, to adjust the tab bar colors, appearance and position, allowing users to preview their customizations in Excel Workbook Tabs' Setting Center immediately.

Function Specifications:

Users may enable or disable the following functions (Note that the default status is "enabled")

1) A confirmation dialog box will appear when you choose to close all the tabs

2) Hide the tab bar when there is only one tab

3) Close a tab by clicking the middle mouse button once

4) Close a tab by double-clicking the left button on it

5) Create a document by double clicking the left button in the blank space of the tab bar

6) Tabs may be moved and dragged conveniently

7) Choose a tab by pressing Alt+N

8) Show and hide the tab bar with user-defined, customizable shortcut keys. The default shortcut key is"Win + Q"

9) Switch among different tabs with user-defined, customizable shortcut keys. The default shortcut key is "Ctrl + Tab"

10) Powerful functionality exists for customizing tab colors as well as the tab bar

11) Arrange the tab bar above, below, to the right or to the left of the workspace, the default place is above the workspace.

12) Choose from eleven pre-set tab appearances.

13) Customize tab length by choosing from automatic length, self-adaptive length and fixed length (the default length is the automatic one).

Integrating many workbooks in one Excel Window via Excel tabs, Workbook Tabs for Excel x64 will greatly improve our working efficiency

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