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Matrices calculator
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Last Update:2012-12-22 - Minor Update: better user experience
Requirements:DotNetFrameWork 4.0
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>Can store up to 15 matrices at run time. Can give these matrices names

>Can solve matrices of up to 12x12 in dimensions for real matrices and 10x10 dimensions for complex matrices.

>Can write your own programs that manipulate matrices and can use these programs on different sets of data.You can write as many programs as you need.

>shows the past history of manipulations on matrices with their results

>Can save, edit, and update the work on matrices that was done in a matrices session.

>Can do all manipulations on matrices. It can do add, subtract, multiply, transpose, multiply or divide by a constant, inverse, determinant, and solve a system of simultaneous equations.LU factorization, QR decomposition, find real Eigen values, and find rank.

>Can print out your work.

>Very easy exciting and fast to use.

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