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Last Update:2014-04-11 - Major Update: Bugs fixed
Requirements:Intel Pentium / AMD Athlon processor or equivalent running at 1 Ghz or more 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM rec
Limitations:14 Trial
Category:Audio & Multimedia::Other


StockAudioMaster is a batch audiowatermarker and waveform image creator.


  • Add File(s) / Add Folder - Target Path / Folder

  • Conversion Settings

  • Audio Watermark Settings

  • MP3 ID Tags Settings

  • Save File Name Settings

  • Waveform and Spectrum Image Settings

  • Text 2 Audio Tool

  • Recorder & Editor Tool

This software (due to Windows limitation) will transform approximately 100 files at a time. Be very careful that when adding files they actually do get added into the list-box otherwise they will not be transformed.

audio - watermark - batch - converter - waveform - text2speech - sound editor - batch waveform image creator - batch audiowatermarker

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