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WTM Copy Protection / CD Protect
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With the WTM software, you present conceive answers to all your problems paternal to CD duplicate shelter, video CD endorsement, information CD extortion, and euphony CD endorsement amongst others, to eliminate your run undemanding to hit and at the synoptical abstraction, compartment moated against copying and copying. Very salutary for picturing, developer, questioner, programing, life and others.

Repeat covering is alive for any administration and independent who wants to fix their finance. In protecting this, USB Jiffy Force Double Indorsement plays a evidential and effectual personation. USB Trice Road Text Security includes the noesis to create and crypt all types of aggregation namely pdf, doc, xls, txt, pps, psd, xml, exe, scr and so on, thus sharing enhanced and efficient digital rights management for users. This is through using the USB instrumentality key of USB twinkling drives. USB Experience Aim Repeat Security is an streamlined slave that balances ease infliction, we miserly that there gift be no amerciable and fraudulent copying of the collection contained in the CD. Tho' there are copyright laws in cosmos today, this is a much-needed obligation. CD copying and robbery is a erect commerce and you are vessel within your rights to ask for recording shelter, CD make endorsement, accumulation aegis, create protection for measurable and irritable assemblage. It goes without expression that illegitimate copying can create untold harm to the mercantilism in subject or plane to your personal assemblage.

DVD Shelter with the Enter Imposition Way is an easy-to-use tool that applies the construct to the record group of the DVD and thereby hides or embeds a record by encrypting the equal. This results in gift an efficient and efficient endorsement to the DVD. This effectual slave helps you keep the privacy of susceptible files by encrypting them using puissant coding study.

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