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Last Update:2018-05-21 - Major Update: new release
Requirements:DirectX 8.1 or higher
Category:Audio & Multimedia::Multimedia Creation Tools


AvarDirector is a production tool that enables you to create virtual reality broadcasts with a talking avatar.

Use to create presentations, programs with a avatar presenter.

AvarDirectors ease of use enables you to be producing broadcasts in no time at all.

Several processes are used to produce a broadcast. A story board of the broadcast is automatically built up as items like scripts and media are added.

Decide if your broadcast is going to be from a studio, theatre or outside.

Numerous broadcast scenes are provided.

A script is written to link media together.

When your program is complete click on the Broadcast option to view your finished program.Insert pre-recorded media files into a program.

For instance a simple news item could start with a lead in script and then a media file in the form a topical report is added into the running order.

A running order is automatically generated as items are added to the broadcast.

The running order can easily be changed. This enables easy editing of a broadcast.

Once all items are complete. Just click on the broadcast option and AvarDirector cycles through the running order.

The avatar reads through linking scripts.

Media files are played in their running order.

Talking avatar - text to speech avatar.

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